How to care for camping tents

Camping Tents really doesn’t require much in the area of maintenance, so long as you keep them clean and dry.  They just need a little Tender Loving Care (TLC).

1. Clean up – After each camping trip, set your camping tents up and check for excess dirt and debris. If it did get dirty, sweep it out first then use a damp sponge and mild soap to clean it.  Never use a washer or dryer!  Let it set up until it has completely aired-out and dried. Never store your tent wet!

Alps Mountaineering Camping Tents

Alps Mountaineering Camping Tents

2. Preventive Maintenance– You may want to clean your poles to keep them sliding together easier and through the pole sleeves more smoothly. Especially if you’ve used your tent in a lot of rainy or snowy weather.  While cleaning is enough, a little car wax (or anything to keep them “slick”) can’t hurt either.   Do not use WD 40 or any oils.  The zippers are also pretty maintenance free, but a little silicone spray on the teeth (not on the fabric) will keep the zippers running more smoothly from trip to trip and year to year.

3. Storage – A cool dry place is best for storage of camping tents.  Avoid a location like your attic that may get really hot, because the heat can damage the coating.   Keep your camping tent stored in an area where there is very little traffic.  For example, if you store the tent in your garage or shed, do NOT store it right next to the shoves, rakes or lawn mover where there is lots of traffic.  Put it wake back in a corner out of site.  You don’t want to accidentally puncture any holes in the tent with a rake.  Consider hanging the tent up off the floor as well.

4. Use – Something that may cause the most harm to your tent, and you’ll never “see it”, is UV damage from the sun.  Just don’t get lazy and let your tent set up all week in your backyard as it’s drying out from your last trip. These extended exposures to the sun will weaken your tent and fly sheet.


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