Eliminate Kids fear of camping with quality camping tents

In November of 1987 my employer transferred me from Minnesota to Texas.  At the time, the Minnesota Twins were on the verge of winning the World Series and eventually did that year.  My wife, Kay was carrying our third daughter Lisa who was born January 4, of 1988.  When Lisa turned 5 in 1993, we joined a YMCA program called Indian Princess where dads and their daughters spend time together with other dads and their daughters learning about Indian culture and pretending to be Indians.  Many tribes were formed and I was the chief of our little tribe.  The Indian Princess program sponsored two camping trips each year and Lisa and I went on both trips.

Camping Tents - Browning Camping Glacier 4One of the key things you must do to ensure girls are not afraid of camping is to bring one of their friends along with you on her first camping trip.  This is extremely important because the girls get to see how the other behaves during the times when they might become afraid.  Both of the girls wanted to act like a big, grown up girl and NOT be afraid of the dark or animals or sleeping outside in the camping tent.  Lisa’s best friend was part of our Indian Princess tribe and she came with us on our camping trip.  Lisa’s friend’s name was Melissa and her dad’s name was George.  Lisa, Melissa, George and I all slept in a small 4 person camping tent.  3-4 Person Tents like the Browning Camping Glacier 4 are perfect for two dads and their little girls. We had a blast.  We told stories, roasted marshmallows, played games and really bonded with our daughters.  I know we eliminated all fears of camping for Lisa on that weekend because she is an avid camper today and has her own camping tents at home.  She will be graduating college in December 2010 and will be a teacher for young children at the end of this year.  She has moved out on her own and recently purchased her own camping tent.

When it’s time for your young child to go camping for the first time, make sure you bring one of their friends.  You won’t regret it.


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