Portable Camp Showers Can be a Shower Room and a Changing Room

Portable Camp Showers - The Stinky Pete
Portable Camp Showers – The Stinky Pete

Many people refer to tent camping as roughing it.  Why?  because most the the things you have at home are taken for granted and are not always available and certainly not as conveniently accessible at your camp site.

For example, at your camp site you don’t usually have running water or electricity and no restroom or shower conveniently available.  When camping I have often wished I had a Shower Room, Changing Room and Potty easily accessible to prevent long walks to the shared amenities at your campground.

Portable Camp Showers like The Sneaky Pete have several camping equipment uses; you can use it as a portable camp shower, toilet enclosure or as a portable changing room.  A self draining floor allows water to run off and a mesh ceiling provides maximum air flow.

A rain fly on top keeps the inside protected and provides privacy. A large hook is sewn to the top to hang up to a 2.5 gallon shower.  It isn’t the same as being at home but having The Sneaky Pete as part of the camping equipment you take with you to your camping site makes things a lot more convenient, accessible and enjoyable for all; especially the women and young teenagers seeking some privacy.


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