Ever Sleep in the bed of Truck Tents?

One of the things I really love about camping during the fall and spring is scouting the terrain for animal tracks.  I’m not able to walk as far as I used to when I was younger so taking a my pickup truck and sleeping in the bed of the truck is appealing.  Just think how much easier it would be to set up a truck tent back in the woods and how much easier it would be to scout the territory where you hunt.  At literally any spot along the trail, you can decide to stop and pitch camp.  You can set up a truck ed tents in minutes and then after scouting the terrain around the truck, you can prepare and campfire, have dinner and then Truck Tents - SportZ Truck Tent III (Crew Cab)sleep right in the back of your pickup truck.

Truck  tents keep you off the ground and away from critters.  You can put a full size air mattress in the bed of the pickup truck and sleep like a baby.  You can wake up in the morning, have some breakfast, pack your backpack and head out further into the woods with very little effort.  So if you enjoy hiking, scouting and exploring and don’t want to have to walk great distances, consider adding one or more truck tents you your camping or hunting gear and sleep in the bed of your pickup truck. And remember, ‘The Joy is in the Journey’.


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  1. I also love camping and a truck tent that fits your truck bed is great. It allows you to go places and camp that you normal wouldn’t be able to go. I’m not scouting track, but relaxing in nature is may favorite pasttime.

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