Truck Tents and SUV Tents For Camping Outdoors

Truck Tents - Sportz SUV Tent-84000

Truck Tents - Sportz SUV Tent-84000

Most people seem to buy family tents, backpacking tents or dome tents and set up their tent at a camp site they’ve reserved at a campground.  But you really haven’t tried camping until you’ve tried truck tents or SUV tents. Set up camp wherever your truck or SUV will take you.  Truck Tents  allow you to sleep high and dry off the cold, dirty ground and in the bed of your truck.  They set up in just 10 minutes in the back of your open-bed pickup, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people.

SUV tents transform your SUV, Minivan or Hatchback vehicle into a convenient home away from home.  These innovative camping tents wrap around the cargo area of your vehicle allowing you to access the interior of your vehicle for storage or additional sleeping area.  Sportz is one of the top manufacturers of truck tents and SUV tents.  SUV tents from Sportz have a patented removable vehicle sleeve on all models that can be completely removed to convert the tent into a stand-alone ground tent making it easy to drive away from your campsite.


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  1. These SUV tents seem like a genius idea. I use my car to carry my tent to the campsite anyway, so why not take advantage of the space that the car offers and connect it with my tent?!

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