Canopies for graduation

The High School Graduation season is coming in a few months so you’re probably preparing your child’s graduation party.  It happens only once in a lifetime so it’s a very special time for your child and you.  There will be many relatives and friends



coming to your house so you want to hold the party outside.  You hope it will be nice outside but there are no guarantees.  It may rain or the sun may be scorching hot.   What you need is one or more canopies to provide your guests with shade from the sun and shelter if it rains.  Canopies can also be used when you go camping.

Many people rent canopies but if you have more than one child and you have some party space in your garage or shed, you should buy one or more canopies this year.  It will come in handy for your child’s graduation party this year and other occasions such as wedding receptions, camping shelters it the years ahead.


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