Setting Up Camping Tents In The Rain

One of the most depressing activities you may ever have to perform that is associated with camping is setting up your camping tent in the rain.  Our last camping trip was threatened by rain right from the start.  We knew our 3 day camping trip was in jeopardy of some rain but we knew it wouldn’t be a total wash out and we were hoping to at least get the camping tents set up without having to

Josh Setting Up Camping Tents

Josh Setting Up Camping Tents

do so in the rain.  As it turned out, we got my camping tent set up about 30 minutes before it started raining then we spent about an our under the canopy which turned out to be a great decision to bring.  After it rained for about an hour, my son-in-law to be showed up and set up his tent.  We had a little light mist at the time and the inside of his tent started to get dirty as he walked in and out of it.  One of the last things he did was to position a small tarp just outside of the tent to keep dirty feet from trampling the inside of the tent.  It actually worked quite well and is something I would highly recommend to others to help keep their tents clean inside during rain and mist.

We had a little debate about whether it’s best to put a tarp outside the door of camping tents or a small rug on the inside of the camping tent door.

I’ll try a carpet inside the door during my next camping trip if it rains but in the meantime, which do you think works best to keep the inside of your tent clean; a tarp on the outside or a small rug on the inside of the tent.


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